2009 Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 2x4 factory service manual, Page 68Get this manual

2009 Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 2x4 factory service manual, Page 68

ENGINE If Camshaft Is Removed From Engine: 3Turn the camshaft until the actuator ball is in the lowest position and install the release lever shaftIf Camshaft Is Installed In The Engine: 4Use small magnet to draw the actuator ball outward, or rotate the engine until the cam lobes face upward and install release lever shaft5Position camshaft as shown at bottom of illustration at right6Place arm of spring under stop pin as shown and push release lever inward until fully seatedDo not pre-wind the spring one full turn or the compression release will not disengage when the engine startsCheck operation of mechanism as outlined in Step of Removal (above)NOTE: When shaft is properly installed, actuator ball will be held in the "out" positionIt is important to note that spring pressure is very light
1Check release lever shaft (A) for smooth operation throughout the entire range of rotationThe spring (B) should hold the shaft weight against the stop pinIn this position, the actuator ball (C) will be held outward in the compression release mode2Remove release lever shaft and return spring3Inspect shaft for wear or galling4Inspect lobe on end of release lever shaft and actuator ball for wear and replace if necessary