2009 Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 2x4 factory service manual, Page 45Get this manual

2009 Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 2x4 factory service manual, Page 45

MAINTENANCE If less than one inch, two things must be examined: Free Play: Free play of the brake pedal should be 1814 inch (3.26.35 mm)If free play is excessive, inspect pedal, linkage, and master cylinder for wear or damage and replace any parts as neededBleeding: If free play is correct and brake pedal travel is still excessive, air may be trapped somewhere in the systemBleed the hydraulic auxiliary brake system in conventional manner, following the procedure outlined in Brake Chapter 9
Inspect the sprocket for worn, broken or bent teethTo check for wear, pull outward on the chain as shownReplace sprocket if chain movement exceeds 14 (.6 cm)
The chain must be replaced when it reaches elongationThe chain master link is presson style that requires chain pressing tool to install and remove the link1Stretch the chain tightly in straight line2Measure length of twenty pitches (pins) from pin center to pin center, and compare to the specificationReplace the chain if the length exceeds the wear limit3When replacing or reinstalling drive chain, install the closed end of the splice link clip as shown, with the closed end leading in forward operation