2009 Polaris Outlaw 450/525 Service Manual, Page 214Get this manual

2009 Polaris Outlaw 450/525 Service Manual, Page 214

5-13 Valves Check the valve disks for wear and runoutThe maxrunout at the valve disk should be 0.05 mmThe valve seat should not be impactedThe sealing area should be in the center of the valve seatThe valve shaft is hard-chromium-plated, the valve guide is usually subjected to wearValve springs Check whether the valve springs are broken or worn (visual check)Also measure the length with sliding caliperSee Technical Specifications for minimum lengthValve shaft gaskets If you remove the valves, always replace the valve shaft gaskets
Place the spring washers in the cylinder head Mount the valve shaft gaskets on the valve guides and lubricate Generously lubricate the valve shafts and insert in the valve guidesMake sure the valves are in the right position when mounted Position the valve springs, place the valve spring retainers in the valve springs Pretension the valve springs with the special tools and mount the valve keysNOTE: Make sure the valve keys are in the right position when mountedAttach the valve keys to the valve with little grease