TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 195Get this manual

TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 195

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Operational precaution

When remove the battery, the disconnection sequence of cable terminals shall be strictly observed(First disconnect the negative cable terminal, next, the positive cable terminal The model of the spark plug and the tightening torqueThe ignition timingAdjustment of headlightRemoval and installation of AC generatorThe maintenance free battery requires no inspection of electrolyte level and refilling of distilled waterTo recharge the battery, remove the battery from rack without removing ventilation capsUnless in emergency, never rapid charge the batteryThe voltage must be checked with the voltmeter while charging the batteryAs C.D.1 assembly does not require an ignition timing checkIn case ignition timing is incorrect, check C.D.1 and AC generatorVerify with an ignition timing light after replacement if necessary