TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 18Get this manual

TGB Blade 250 ATV Quad Service Repair Manual, Page 18

AEngine hard to start or can not be started
Probable causes

1 Loosen carburetor drain

bolt to check if there is gasoline inside the carburetor
No fuel in fuel tank Check if the pipes, fuel tank to carburetor and intake vacuum, are cloggedFloat valve clogged Lines in fuel tank evaporation system clogged Malfunction of fuel pump Loosen or damaged fuel pump vacuum hose Fuel filter clogged Malfunction of spark plug Spark plug foul Malfunction of CDI set Malfunction of AC generator Ignition coil is in open or short circuit Ignition coil leads open or short circuit Malfunction of main switch

Fuel supplied tom carburetor sufficient

Remove spark plug, install it into spark plug cap, and perform sparktest against engine ground
i{+Check if sparks Perform cylinder compression pressure testI